QwikCut Partners

SportScope endzone cameras and instant replay systems are designed to deliver quality video to your coaching staff during the game with industry-leading speed and reliability. Coach your players with real-time video and adjust your offense and defense faster than your opponent every Friday night. We’re confident that using Sport Scope systems will set your team up for success.

Visit www.sportscope.com

When it comes to performance, it’s all about repetitions. The REPS virtual reality sports training platform enables athletes to accumulate 1000s of extra repetitions in a dynamic, deep-learning environment where they can practice, perfect, and create real muscle memory.

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SkyCoach Instant Replay is revolutionizing the way coaches and athletes use information during a sporting event. Through the use of real-time video and data analysis, SkyCoach helps coaches make in-game adjustments as well as educate players when it matters most.

Visit www.myskycoach.com

The all-in-one recruiting database for college football programs, built and maintained by an experienced and well vetted staff. The QwikU database is personalized for each college at every level, offering tools to improve organization and efficiency.  Regardless of college level or amount of resources available, we can help your program optimize the recruiting process.

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Pro Quick Draw is a powerful plug-in used on Microsoft Visio & PowerPoint for coaches to efficiently organize, format, and export playbooks, scout cards & presentations. It was dreamt up with a desire to fill the gaps in an existing drawing system, Microsoft Visio. Frustration with the lack of tools and time wasted on busy work encouraged NFL Coach (Founder Andy Bischoff) to push technology to improve his daily routine. PQD now services thousands of high schools, small colleges, FBS teams, Canadian Football League and Universities, European clubs, and 23 of 32 NFL franchises. A personal project for an eager coach turned into a strong product in the playbook market at all levels of the football community.

Visit www.proquickdraw.com

Optimum Grading provides a powerful, fully customizable grading & player evaluation software that allows coaches to grade while watching film. Using the software, you’ll be able to unearth each player’s strengths and weaknesses, and then use that data behind each play to pinpoint areas your players need help specifically. The overall benefits of grading software go beyond the coaching staff. The players are also huge beneficiaries of the system. Athletes can have a clear track of how their skill sets are developing and fairing over a specific period of time.

Visit www.Optimumgrading.com

RII Sports Technology

RII Sports Technology has its roots in the Aerospace & Defense Industry where for the last 25 years. They’ve worked with organizations like NASA, Lockheed Martin, US Missile Defense Agency and many others. Since 2014 RII has supported hundreds of football programs nationwide providing data analysis. Offering products for offenses and defenses like dashboards to quickly identify what’s working for your team and what’s not, Code Breaker to predict your opponent’s next move based on pre-snap indicators, and SWOT to identify good/ bad play calls any game situation.

Visit www.riisports.com

Our Coaching Network

Our Coaching Network is a community of coaches from all different levels from all over the world. Founded by football coaches, with the goal of providing coaches a platform to educate and connect with peers. Become a member and have access to live clinics, learn from over 300 hours of clinics, networking with coaches and more!

Visit members.ourcoachingnetwork.com

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All In is a free premium team management application designed for coaches like you! Stay connected with your team members through real-time messaging, announcements, and updates. Seamlessly use the team calendar to plan practices, meetings, and events with an intuitive scheduling system. Monitor your team’s well-being with health tracking features. Keep track of nutrition, and mental wellness to optimize performance. Share important documents, training materials, and resources within the app. Accessible to both you and your team whenever needed.

Visit allinaccess.io/teams

Sideline Design

Sideline Design is a graphic design and social media management platform that gives users the ability to create professional graphics by simply dragging and dropping logos, pictures, and swapping colors in seconds. The company has gained a reputation as the full department solution for elite level graphics, and is used by hundreds of high schools and major college programs, including Indiana, North Carolina, Virginia Tech, The University of Miami, Stephen F. Austin, and many more.

Visit www.thesidelinedesign.com

Huddl Box Logo

Every team needs a large TV with audio on the sidelines and in the locker room. Huddlboxes are portable, waterproof and engineered to last; giving you a competitive edge with instant replay anywhere, when it matters the most. Huddlboxes come in 5 different sizes and are customized with your school graphics. Never miss a critical teaching moment again with Huddlbox. Coaching made easy, education made clear.

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